Company policy

“Quality and Environment” System

Titolchimica has implemented an integrated "Quality-Environment" certified system, with reference to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001.

The main objectives pursued by Titolchimica are:
- to be internationally recognised as a manufacturer of Laboratory Reagents and In Vitro Diagnostic Devices;
- to make every effort in operational and organisational terms to prevent water, air and soil pollution.

To achieve these objectives, Titolchimica places the customer at the centre of its Company Policy through the adoption of a company “Quality and Environment” system, rationalising and harmonising its organisation and methods in order to make them compatible with quality and environmental standards.

Adapting its organisation and methods means:
- attaining greater reliability, improving the quality of work, service and finished product;
- playing an active role towards the legislation that regulates activities in the environmental field, in the field of health and safety at work and in the control, production and handling of chemicals;

- safeguarding the environment by adopting technologies that allow lower environmental impact together with energy savings;
- periodically reviewing the conformity of its Quality and Environment Management System and the achievement of objectives and targets for continuous improvement.

The very type of our products, such as reagents for chemical analysis, and the consequent equivalence between the concept of compliance with use and that of satisfying customer needs, are a source of stimulus on the way to satisfying and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

With a view to sustainable development, Titolchimica is committed to ensuring that its work does not present risks for people and the environment.

The Company works for a continuous improvement of its processes, minimising any negative impact on the surrounding environment.

The Management of Titolchimica is convinced that the continuous improvement of its environmental performance contributes to its commercial and economic development.

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