Reg. (UE) 2019/1148


Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 on the marketing and use of explosives precursors will come into force from February 1st 2021.
This Regulation updates the EU rules for the supply, introduction, possession and use of substances and mixtures that could be improperly used for the manufacture of homemade explosives. In particular, it restricts the supply of such substances or mixtures containing such substances to private customers (prohibiting the sale or requesting the presentation of a license for use), it introduces a series of checks at the time of sale and it requires reporting event to competent authorities in the event of suspicious transactions.

The substances for which this Regulation requires more controls, with the relative concentration thresholds, are:

Substance Limit concentration (w/w)
Nitric acid 3%
Hydrogen peroxide 12%
Sulphuric acid 15%
Nitromethane 16%
Ammonium nitrate 16% in relation to ammonium nitrate
Potassium chlorate 40%
Potassium perchlorate 40%
Sodium chlorate 40%
Sodium perchlorate 40%

Upon receipt of offer requestes relating to  the substances listed above, we will send you the declaration of use certificate to fill out and return, in order to proceed with sale and delivery of the products. We kindly ask you to view Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 in Gazzetta ufficiale UE  and to take the appropriate measures to ensure compliance with it, especially the burden on economic operators.

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